Activate Learning with Interactive Quiz Games

With Uniquizz your students become active participants in education and engage with each other through social learning.

It elevates student performance

Uniquizz prepares your students before, during, and after classroom so that the time spent in classes is spent in the most efficient way for everyone. The assessments in Uniquizz give everyone a way to learn at their own pace, even if they are on the go — they will always be connected to the knowledge.

It addresses the new learning needs

Looking for a digital learning experience? Uniquizz connects you with your students in an engaging way on their favorite device. You can design your digital library of interactive learning material and fun assessments that capture the attention of millennial learners.

  • Videos and images
  • Slideshows, pdfs, documents and more
  • Interactive quizzes

It tells you where your students need help

Get a better understanding how your students use Uniquizz through the rich data and statistics of the Learning Manager. As a teacher you can assess in real-time where students have difficulties and what they need additional help with — this way you can meet your success metrics since the day one of school.

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