Streamline Knowledge in Your Organization

Your company requires a custom and secure solution. In Uniquizz, your corporate knowledge is always the first priority.

It boosts the efficiency of your training

You don’t have to rely only on traditional training methods to ensure all employees, departments and offices have the right information at the right time. Uniquizz prepares your people before, during and after trainings so that you can use the valuable time where it really matters.

It fills up the knowledge gaps

Uniquizz notifies your employees in real-time directly on their smartphones for news and important information. At the same time, we store all usage metrics for you to see what your employees know and what they do not know — allowing you to address any knowledge gaps before it’s too late.

It motivates people and changes behavior

We found out that micro learning, or small frequent chunks of learning content, is the most effective way to really engage learners. Uniquizz uses micro learning in combination with friendly social competition and interactive learning material — making your people self-motivated to learn.

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