Madeleine Recknagel talks about Uniquizz at United Nations ESCAP

Bangkok, Thailand — The Sustainable Self consultant Madeleine Recknagel drives Thailand’s food and hospitality industry to reduce waste. She wants to cut down plastic pollution and food waste, and improve food safety through interactive quiz games on the Uniquizz platform.

Madeleine’s questions help organizations to react fast to the needs of eco-conscious consumers, and lead to cost savings on all levels of operations by changing to more effective green strategies.

“If we wait for all employees to go back to the classroom to understand what plastic pollution is and why they need to change, we don’t have the time for it”, said Madeleine Recknagel. “When you add educational material on the app, you can see immediate feedback”.

Everybody loves to play. This fact, combined with the high adoption rate of smartphones in Southeast Asia, is why Madeleine believes that education can be transformed into learning by playing games and engaging quizzes.

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