Quizzbizz CEO Maik Fuellmann presents at G-LINK Summit 2017

Bangkok, Thailand — Maik Fuellmann, CEO of Quizzbizz, spoke about mobilized knowledge at the G-LINK Summit 2017.

The G-LINK Summit is co-created by the members of KM Global Network and over the past year they have collaboratively designed a new interactive summit experience where participants gain maximum knowledge, ideas, experience, and relationships. The theme of this years G-LINK Summit was ‘Leading Digital and Cultural Transformation’ and it was hosted at IKI-SEA in Bangkok University.

Maik Fuellmann gave a condensed keynote talk on the topic Mobilized Knowledge — Game Changers in Learning Experiences, and led a workshop together with Dr. Boondee Bunyagidj from TRIS Corporation on inquiry-based learning.

We would like to thank everyone who joined the event and the workshop.